In dental procedures that use Air-Flow® technology, a powerful steam of air, special cleaning particles and water are used to easily and effectively remove dental plaque, soft sediments and tooth surface discolourations. This thorough method of cleaning teeth can be in preparation for dental treatment (prosthetics, orthodontics) or to restore their natural appearance. This is also an effective method for removing dental plaque from the teeth of patients who wear fixed braces.

This method is not only faster than conventional methods, but also safe for the patient – it does not wear away the enamel and is painless.

Air-Flow® is effectively used to remove tartar. It can also be used in the initial cleansing of unhealthy teeth surfaces in order to uncover the area that needs to be examined, allowing for the appropriate diagnosis to be made.

Using Air-Flow® in teeth fluorination treatment allows for better absorption of fluorine.

This technology is also used in preparation for varnishing the surfaces of milk teeth in children. A thorough cleaning of teeth surfaces is achieved before a protective layer of varnish is applied.

Air-Flow® is very useful in oral cavity prevention. With this device you can remove dental plaque and other sediments at the time when they are not yet a threat to patient’s periodontium.

In addition this method gives a very good aesthetic finish: teeth get back their natural colour, they become smooth and glossy and free of surface discolouration.