Digital radiography

At Dentin we use Planmeca Dixi 3, a state of the art digital radiography system for taking x-rays.

So far the most popular method was capturing x-rays on a negative. The more modern method is to use a digital sensor instead of negatives, which after processing enables high precision images to be displayed on a computer screen.

Digital radiography also enables precise measurements to be taken from the digital image. The image can then be printed or electronically saved on file. The image is created immediately - in real time. As a result the treatment is dynamic and the examination lasts only a short time. With the use of software the images can be enhanced (i. e. contrast, sharpness, magnification and measurements) and then saved.

Another major advantage of digital radiography is the ability to reduce the radiation dose that patients are exposed to. By reducing the dose needed to produce the image, the test is less harmful than when using the traditional method. The dentist - through digital imaging has access to a valuable source of information, important when making decisions related to treatment.

The x-rays taken are an integral part of the patient’s treatment history and are stored in our archives.