Dental X-ray

In our clinic 'Dentin', we perform localised dental x-rays: bite-wing and occlusal.

When it comes to x-rays, patient health is the most important and for this reason the quality of the equipment used is significant. We take our x-rays using the modern Planmeca Intra camera. Modern technology incorporated into this device include a high-frequency head and an HF generator, reduces by more than 25% the radiation dose that the patient would usually receive when using traditional equipment and eliminates unnecessary soft radiation.

In addition by using digital radiography, x-rays taken in our clinic are saved on digital media rather than on traditional negatives. This further helps to reduce the time a patient is exposed to radiation – only fractions of a second. The patient’s exposure to radiation is smaller and the entire process is less harmful than the traditional x-ray method.

In our clinic we enforce radiological protection standards.
Specialists who operate the equipment are permitted and appropriately trained.