MiniPiezon® is used in the preventative treatment of periodontal diseases. It is often used for tartar removal. This state of art device uses ultrasound. With the aid of this device treatment is fast, precise, effective, pain free and comfortable for the patient.
Advantages of using miniPiezon® in dental treatment:

  • smooth and swift removal of tartar and bacteria from teeth surfaces
  • the device offers easy access and the ability to clean pockets around teeth
  • enables greater precision and is less invasive compared with conventional methods used to remove tartar and other sediment on the surfaces of the teeth
  • the ability to be combined with rinsing of the mouth using special solutions

Tartar removal treatment using miniPiezon® involves cleaning teeth surfaces of tartar, dental plague and tooth surface discolorations.

If dental plaque is not regularly removed it can cause inflammation of the gums. The main symptom that indicates a problem is red, bloodshot and swollen gums. The early stage of periodontal inflammation is called gum inflammation. It can be completely cured through the appropriate, professional cleaning in the dental surgery in conjunction with improved daily oral hygiene at home.

The next stage of the untreated disease may lead to a periodontal inflammation. Dental plaque and cultures of bacteria spread deeper and deeper below the bottom surface of the gum pocket. As a result gums recede and separate from the teeth. Gaps between the gums and teeth start to form, creating so called pockets. Even at this stage patients may experience only minor discomfort. Too often, patients turn to a specialist only when the level of the gums around the bones and teeth is reduced to such an extent that one or more teeth need to be removed. Such infection can affect not only the health of the mouth, but also lead to other systemic diseases such as diabetes or chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, smoking, stress and genetic factors may increase the likelihood of the patient to developing periodontal disease. Therefore, prevention and periodic dental visits are essential, as well as regular cleaning of deposits from the teeth.