Dental Units

Planmeca dental units used at Dentin are state of the art, microprocessor controlled devices.

The key features of Planmeca units include:

  • modernity and ergonomics
  • being equipped with precision instruments
  • shadow-less LED operating light with adjustable light intensity
  • programmable functions which aid and speed up the work of the dentist
  • ability to maintain a high standard of hygiene within the work area
  • provide a comfortable chair suitable for children and people with physical disability

The Planmeca chair offers the combined function of patient comfort and operational ergonomics for the dentist. Features of the chair including: a thin back, armrests and intuitive movement controls all assist the dentist to effectively carry out his work. Ample space under the chair for legs and a double-folding headrest offer easy access to the patient’s head and mouth. Planmeca Compact units are equipped with a six-arm console complete with tools as well as a large tool tray, to assist the dentist in performing his work. Everything is positioned in the most ergonomic location for both the patient and the dentist.

The Planmeca LED lamp uses four LED diodes to deliver the best possible lighting. They provide excellent visibility in to the patient's mouth. LED lighting offers the optimum lighting color and temperature.

Each of the unit’s elements can be easily disconnected and dismantled. This makes it possible to maintain the cleanliness of all the device components.