Intraoral Camera

The Planmeca IntraCam intraoral camera with an incorporated video channel allows the dentist to:

  • view the oral cavity
  • take images of the patient’s oral cavity to store on file
  • illustrate to the patient the progress of the treatment

Pictures taken with this camera can be taken at as close a distance as half a centimeter. This is a very valuable device as it allows the patient to see what his/her teeth and mucous membrane look like. This makes it possible to educate the patient in an easy to understand manner, to better inform the patient regarding the condition of his/her mouth as well as collect all of the necessary photographic data. In this way the patient can easily visualize and understand the ongoing and proposed treatment and also see the progress of treatment in its various stages.

Pictures taken with the intraoral camera can be edited and are stored on file as part of the patient’s dental record.