Dental microscope

The KARL Kaps Company is one of best known producers of medical microscopes in the world. We use this microscope at Dentin when performing detailed treatment. The microscope is equipped with a video camera which allows us to record the various stages of the treatment which helps us to explain the different stages of treatment to the patient.

Using a dental microscope, the smallest detail in a tooth’s structure can be identified, during both diagnosis and therapy.

Usually during preventative, orthodontic or prosthetics treatment, or dental surgery, the use of a dental microscope is not required. Enough magnification (2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x) can be achieved by the dentist using a magnifying glass. However during endodontic treatment magnification of 20x is useful. In such cases a microscope is used allowing for the treated area to be enlarged by 6x, 10x, 16x or even 25x. This is invaluable during root resection, closing internal and external perforations, finding additional root canal outlets, clearing canals, working on canals which have an unusual anatomical structure. This is a very useful appliance used for many types of treatment that require good visibility, as well as a good view of a small operating area (in prosthetics, implants and dental surgery).